Descriptive Essay

Topics: Coffee, Espresso, Starbucks Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Starbucks, it’s one of a Kind
On nearly every block you’ll find an elegant divine logo soaring in the sky, green, black and white with that one of a kind woman with a star upon her head. Starbucks is recognized worldwide due to its fresh roast coffee and cheery atmosphere. This store sits on Stark Street, yet a busy road with cars roaring by 24-hours a day your very presence here overwhelms you with calmness and happiness that is contagious to others. It’s built in a modern architecture making anyone feel at home. Coffee lovers chatter outside about family and daily agendas with the sun reflecting on their face, but still hit with that friendly reminder of the city they’re in by the crisp Troutdale breeze. Taking those last steps toward the glass door you’re welcomed with calming jazz music playing out the outdoor speaker’s overhead feeling as if today is your day to conquer the world.

The flooring inside is covered wall to wall with a rusty orange tile. Lights above you are hanging down. Glass made with a variety of all colors makes them all individually unique. The yellow and blue walls contradict each other, but somehow the contrast works. Paintings of everyday life hang on wall directly in front of you. These pictures were created by what would appear to be amateur artists. The basic shapes in the art work make you feel at ease, not overwhelmed by their talent. These paintings make you feel as if ordinary is somehow good enough, their thick black frames taking nothing from the art work. The wall directly to the left completely empty except for the 4 photos which hang all in a row, evenly spaced. These photos even more basic than the others display trees which are stripped of their color, leaving them in a grayscale black and white.

The coffee bar is surrounded by food and drinks to appeal to all tastes and preferences. The pastries range from buttery flaky croissants to sweet morning buns sitting in a pool of cinnamon and sugar displayed...
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