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descriptive essay

Topics: Writing, Writing process / Pages: 3 (532 words) / Published: Mar 10th, 2014
Note: This is the complete assignment from the beginning to the end.

Descriptive Essay

Assignment: Final draft is due -Monday, February 24, 2014.
Directions: Use the MLA style as describe on my policy syllabus. Final draft must be typed. You should use as your guide the Sample Essay “Salt Marsh” in your Longman textbook on pages 135 - 136.
Due Wednesday, September 19, 2013
Writing Assignment: Like Martinez, describe a place where you go to collect your thoughts and get in touch with your senses. This place offers you peace and tranquility from your everyday busy or hectic life style.
Follow the diagram for writing a description essay in Chapter 10. You need to do your scratch outline (sample posted on Blackboard and within Chapter 10).
After completing your scratch outline, write your rough draft. You may write your rough draft in ink on loose leaf notebook paper or type it if you desire. If you write it, skip lines; if you type it, double space.
Everyone should use the quotation method to write the introduction. Follow Marie Martinez's introduction to "Salt Marsh"; this is your model.
I will spot check your rough draft on Thursday. Due Monday February 24, 2014 - Final Draft

Steps to Final Draft

1. After writing your rough draft, use a red writing ball point pen to Revise your rough draft. Make corrections or changes in red ink.
2. Type your revised rough draft. (If you have already typed your rough draft, make changes on original version saved on your disk or computer; then do a second print out).
3. With your second revision make sure you have enough details to vividly describe your place. Then check to see if you have organized your details in a coherent (sensible) manner. Your transitions should clearly guide the reader from one area to the next and from one time period to the next.
4. Next, make sure to use active, vivid verbs, specific nouns and descriptive adjectives to describe the nouns so as to create an image.
5. Finally, carefully proofread your paper Make sure you have used appropriate transitions in clarifying sequence. Proofread for misspelled words, miss-used words, subject/verb agreement, pronoun agreement, and shifts in person, tense, and number. Re-read Chapter 10 if you need to refresh your memory.
6. Please do a careful proofreading of your paper before submitting it. Make corrections. I am looking forward to reading nearly perfect papers.
7. After making all changes, print out your final draft.
8. Bring your staple machine and ALL of your prewriting, rough draft, revisions, and FINAL DRAFT to class on Monday, February 24, 2014.
9. Remember your FINAL DRAFT MUST BE TYPED (double-spaced).

All late assignments, if accepted, will be marked down. Failure to hand in an assignment by the due date may result in a permanent failure grade for this assignment. Any cheating or plagiarism may result in the failure of the course. I do not plan to lose assignments. However, it is your responsibility to keep a second copy of your assignments. If I cannot locate a copy of your assignment and you cannot produce a duplicate, then I will have to assume that you did not complete the assignment.
We will discuss "Sister Flowers" on Monday, February 17th.

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