Corporate Downsizing

Topics: Affect, Layoff, Termination of employment Pages: 2 (307 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Sylvia Ingram

OMM 640

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Instructor: Robert Vega

September 10, 2012

The implications of downsizing (rightsizing) to the employees, communities, and families of the Corporate Downsizing

What ever happen to the American Dream? Although our economy is struggling daily, our government at this point is still not willing to call it a recession. Due to the affect of corporate downsizing people are losing their jobs, homes, cars, families, and everything else of any worldly possession. This is happening on a daily basis and is affecting me as a human being along with jeopardizing women in high positions. It is really sad to see such thing happen, but as we all know men would prefer women to be home in spite of coming along and thriving in corporate America and making themselves known.

While people are losing jobs, employers are still paying top company executives millions of dollars in bonuses, or just millions when they are forced out the door, but we still suppose to encounter or be willing to believe in the American Dream when their whole lively hoods have been affected with corporate downsizing.

Corporate downsizing has truly affected me in a way that caused the company I was just laid off from to fold. This was all because of lies the CEO of the company kept telling employees about how strong the company was, and how all of our jobs were secured. As the saying goes “ A lie is a lie”, only to find out that he was only talking, telling lies, and basically looking out for himself, and in the end people lives were destroyed . In this paper, I intend to explore “The Affect of Corporate Downsizing” so one can see that it does not only affect employees, it affect families, customers, shareholders and our entire...
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