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The report explained the interactive marketing communication of Esprit Time Wear International belongs to the legendary Susie Russell and Doug Tompkins, whether the company has a feedback response with its customers and also talked about the marketing plan of Esprit. This includes the missions, goals, and strategy applied by Esprit in order to have brand equity amongst its customers, for that they undertake a future program based on the pass and actual actions. The promotional program situation is analyzed based on the internal and external factor which influences Esprit to achieve its objectives. Internal Analysis evaluates the promotional department in term of their planning, implementing, and managing certain areas of the promotional programs such as: public relation, and advertising in order to boost of the company brand image. Also, know about the strength and weaknesses of Esprit at short and long-term. External Analysis influence directly and have a great impact to the continuation of the company at long-term, consumers’ behavior shows us which model of business operation Esprit is using. Next, Potential competitors for Esprit are those companies that are not currently competing in an industry but have the capability to do so if they choose. However, environmental Analysis for Esprit gives more information about the outside forces that affect it.

Furthermore, interactive communication is a process and as such contains many elements susceptible of defect. This process works as follows: Esprits invests considerable amounts in order to ensure that their message is well communicated. The message involves promotional events like “Engagement” which involves AIDS epidemic event. This message has intent. Esprit will encode its message with words, behavior and body language that it senses will help to best communicate this message according to its intent. The message will go through various broadcasting channels etc and also through different means of communication such as e-mail, face to face or phone conversation, letter, and presentation. Consumers will then decode the message using conventions,

cultural or contextual background, and language skills. The message they receive might or might not meet the target of Esprit.

Moreover, developing and implementing Interactive Marketing communication program and strategies for Esprit will enable the audiences to interact and provide response towards the message sent by Esprit’s marketing department. Esprit should use internet: you tube, cell phone marketing, and Blog marketing as communication process in order to ensure feedback with their customers is outreached. In addition, evaluation and control marketing communication program shows the research advertising measure undertake by the marketing department, and determining the effectiveness and efficiency of their messages and media. Also, know if there is a feedback within the customers. In brief, customer’s satisfaction should be Esprit’s marketing department priority for that they should make sure there is a feedback with their customers in order for them to be well aware about the brand image of the company, hence by using this new and successful modes of communication: internet (Facebook) mobile marketing (Mobile Hostess through facebook) and Blog Marketing, which will provide real, and direct feedback.

1. Introduction

Susie Russell and Doug Tompkins started selling Esprit in the year 1968, they first started as selling Esprit clothes out of the back of their station wagon (Infomat Inc, 2008). Then later on in the year 1970-1971 company expanded and incorporated under the name of Esprit de corp. and seven product line were created. (Esprit International, 2010).Under which the Esprit watch or time wear was also introduced in the late 80’s. Esprit is now an international youthful lifestyle brand offering smart, affordable luxury and bringing newness and style to life. The...

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