Why to Budget

Topics: Budgets, Zero-based budgeting, Budget Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Jonathan Duckett
Prof. Diamond, Facs 141
4 October 2012
Investopedia Review
The article titled, “The Beauty of Budgeting” was written by the staff at Investopedia. It describes how making a personal budget is a great idea when struggling to live within your means. This article is targeting the majority of Americans who do not know how or are unwilling to follow a personal budget. They explain step by step how easy it can be to get your finances in order. They go into depth about starting with looking at your bills and separating fixed and variable costs, then move to showing how you can increase your income or decrease your expenses, and then explain how easy it can be to make keep it balanced on your own.

This article interested me because I have never been able to consistently follow a personal budget. I believe the negative connotations people have with the word “budget” have somewhat influenced me to give up on continuing my budgets. Sometime the feeling of being limited to only spending a certain amount of money compared to my income does not feel right. I have always had the feeling that if I have earned the money then I deserve to spend it. Needless to say, I have had a few instances where I have run into financial troubles. This article really explained how easy it can be to save some extra money. The example of cutting out a $3 coffee every morning is something that I need to practice in a large scale. By cutting back on certain knick-knacks and things that I really do not need every month I think I could see my expenses go down and be more willing to continue with a budget if I actually see my savings account grow.

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