Copper Mining India

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Mine Started: - Oct. 1964

1- Ore Body
(a) Strike Length4.80 Km
(b) Average Width10 metres
(c) Average Dip65 deg.
(d) Average Grade1.37 %
2- Ore reserves of Khetri Mine
Reserve of Khetri Block: 34.11 Million Tons, Grade1.13%
Reserve of Banwas Block: 25.39 Million Tons, grade 1.69% Total: 59.50 million tons grade 1.37% Cu.
3- Mode of Entry
(a) Shaft (Vertical)2 Nos.
(b) Shaft (incline)1 No.
4- Production Shaft (vertical)
(a) Depth475 metres
(b) Diameter 5.5 metres
(c) H.P. of the Winder2870 K.W.
(d) Hoisting Capacity600 tons per Hr.
5- Service Shaft(Vertical)
(a) Depth388.5 metres
(b) Area of X- Section6.11 x 4.93 m
(c) H.P. of Winder1600 K.W.
(d) Cage Capacity88 persons per trip.

6- Ventilation:-
(a) Up cast(i)Production shaft
Fan Capacity – 9400 Cu. M/Min.
(ii)Banwas Ventilation Shaft
Fan Capacity – 6000 Cu. M/Min.

7- Employment


a) Underground386
b) Surface140


(a)M/s TCL144
(b)M/s Veer Gurjar 68
(c) M/s Universal Electrical 20
(d)M/s Sankhla Engg. 4

8-Production Target2008-095, 50,000 MT
9-Development target 2008-09 3000 Metres
10-Safety Status
(a) Accident Rate 12.05 per thousand man on roll (b) Injury Frequency Rate 4.80 per million man hour (c) Severity Rate 537.20 per million man hour 11-Method of Mining

a) Sub-Level open stoping b) Large Dia. Blast Hole stoping

12- Method of SupportRock Bolt, Steel Sets and Chock-mat


There are three hill ranges trending NE-SW separated by sandy plains within the lease boundary. Makro hill range comprised of quartzite is observed on the western side of Mining lease boundary. The central hill range separated by Kharkhara valley is made up of schists and quartzites containining copper mineralization. Further east of Central hill range, there is magnetite-quartzite hill of moderate height/elevation separated by a valley, where various establishments of mine and plants, such as processing plants, stores and administrative building are located. The slopes of the hills are steep with little or no soil and vegetation cover. On the southern end of Khetri Mining Lease area lie small hilly terrains while northern boundary of mining lease area is soil covered plains.

Khetri Nagar Township and Gothra village are located on east of the lease boundary. Singhana and Kharkhara villages lie on the north and southwest of the lease boundary respectively.


The rocks of this area belong to Delhi Super Group of Precambrian age. The major rock formations of the region consist of metamorphosed arenaceous and argillaceous sediments with intercalated lenticular calcareous bands. They belong to Alwar and Ajabgarh groups of Delhi Super group. Mineralization occurs as disseminations, stingers, patches, bands etc. generally closely associated with vein quartz in different formations. It generally occupies shear zones and fractures planes which are perhaps related to folds and strike faults. Mineralization generally attains a maximum thickness of about 250 meters as seen in Madhan- Kudhan section Khetri mine....
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