Autmobile Industry in India

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1.Automobile industy
1.1.Industry overview
1.2.Snippets:some facts about industry
1.3.Types of vehicles
2.Automobile marketing in India
3.History of automobile industry in India
4.Major players in the automobile sector
6.1. List of automobile manufacturers in India
a. Indian companies
b. Multi-national companies
7. Maruti a case study
7.1. Profile
7.2. Maruti udyog limited
7.3. Maruti Suzuki India limited
7.4. Partner for the joint venture
7.5. Joint venture- related issues
7.6. Industrial relations
7.7. Sales of automobiles- trends in automobile sector 7.8. Maruti insurance
7.9. Maruti finance
7.10. Maruti true value
7.11. N2N Fleet Management
7.12. Accessories
7.13. Maruti Driving School
7.14. Exports
7.15. Industry Overview
7.16. Geographical overview
7.17. Maruti Udyog Limited in India
7.18 SWOT analysis of company with respect to its "SWIFT" model. a. Strengths
b. Weakness
c. Opportunity
d. Threats
7.21. Customer's purchasing behaviour analysis
7.22 The findings of the survey
7.23. Areas of imporovement
7.24 Market share
7.25. Levels of competence
7.26. Maruti vs. Hyundai
7.27. Comparison of getz and swift
8. Segmentation of car market in India
9. Targeting
10. Positioning
11.Automobile Finance
12. Major Automobile Financiers
13. Contribution of Automobile Financiers to the Indian Automobile Market 14. Maruti Finance
15. Tata Motors Finance
16. Facts and figures
17. FDI in the automobile sector
18. Mergers and Acquisition (M&A), Joint Venture (JV)
19. Testing and Certification
20. Auto Manufacturers Association
21. Expansion of the dealer's network in India
22. Automobile Dealers Network in India
25. Hindustan motors
26. Spinoffs and acquisitions
27. Hero Honda Motors Limited,
A Hero Honda "Splendor" bike

Just-in-Time Manufacturing
29. Ancillarisation, labor relations, diversification
30. Tata motors limited
31. To the future: The Nano revolution
32. Controversies: Mass motorization and climate change
33. Conclusion
As we see the automobile market now it was not like that in the beginning, in the beginning, if we go to pre- independence times people were too apprehensive of motor vehicles entering the country. They used to throw nails in the path of cars, when their carts can pass over that. Industry has come a long way. And in the early years of independence, due to the protectionist policies of the government only a limited number of players were permitted to manufacture cars in the country. There was high customs duty on import of cars from other countries. There were only two major players: premier automobiles ltd and hisdustan motors ltd. Then there started the next phase with the collaboration of Japanese firm maruti Suzuki when the first car was presented to the first buyer of maruti 800 in the country in 1983. it was a huge success. At that time it was the lone player with such good features. In the 90’s it was basically a sellers market.In the 1993 there was de-licensing. And with the ease in getting manufacturing licences in the country many players entered the country.further, there was a cut in the excise and customs duty. Then the banks , and non-banking finance companies came up to make the best of the opportunity and all this lead to a boost in sales and record production. From the 90 to 2000’s the market become more concerned about the needs of consumer and because of the growing competition in the market, there was a need to provide better deals to the customers on their conditions. This all made Indian car market, a buyer’s market. Then manufacturers started diversifying...

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