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Key facts
•Copper pharmaceuticals, Inc were a major manufacturer for prescription drugs for medical and dental professions. •Sales are done mainly with the detailers who were pharmacy school graduates and had couple years of experience as registered pharmacists in drugstores. •Bob Marsh, with CPI for 12 years, married and had two children •Marsh's initial salary was $35,000 and been raised to over $60,000 throughout his time with CPI •Marsh has 6 different field supervisor throughout the time he was with CPI •60% of detailers had 10 or more years with CPI and only 8% turnover rate per year. •CPI's detailer's total earning ranged from $40,000 to $80,000 yearly bonus inclusive. •CPI has total of 35 district mangers, they were expected to spend 3 to 4 days per week on the field with the detailers. The district mangers reported to one of the 6 zone managers. •The overall performance appraisals from mangers are satisfactory except being much unorganized. •Other than the first district manager John Meredith, all the other mangers worked less than 3 years with Marsh. •Marsh has been on probation twice

•Franklin terminated Marsh with a short discussion in a hotel meeting. •A week after Marsh's resignation, he called the CPI zone office for an appointment with the zone manager, and the zone manger refused •During the following weeks, the president of CPI received several letters from customer stating the disbelief and perplexity over the unexplained dismissal of one of the finest detailers in the area.

Step 2 - Determining the Root Problem & Step 3 - Identifying the Problem Components The current challenge facing CPI is whether or not the dismissal of Marsh a management failure that lend to complaints from customers or it was the right decision to dismiss Marsh but the complaints was a revenge from Marsh to the district and zone mangers for the reason that he was forced to resign from the position. There are many factors the contributed to root of...
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