Converse Product Information

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Product information

1.the name of all star come from
Converse 1917 the world's first dual-ALL STAR canvas shoes in production, and the beginning of the twentieth century is known as "basketball ambassador," said U.S. basketball star CHUCK TAYLOR (Chuck Taylor) on this new line of canvas shoes, put it down, convinced thatALL STAR shoes make basketball players on the court dash and enjoy the play, so he wherever he always has a pair of ALL STAR canvas shoes, enthusiastically to her friends, basketball players and coaches recommend ALL STAR canvas shoesand basketball on the requirements of the sports shoes and personal experience, personally involved in the ALL STAR canvas shoes, improved design, making it more suitable for basketball. The ALL STAR theoretically canvas as a material, wear. ALL STAR then only one color ─ ─ white. 1966, ALL STAR introduced color series, such as leather, rubber, etc. As technology continues to progress, more gradually been used as a shoe-making raw materials. 1970s, affected by the wave of fashion began to move closer to the natural, original feeling. ALL STAR at the time seems exceptionally retro, very easy to wear with wear to go freely to make life simplify. 1996, ALL STAR launched ALL STAR 2000, the original leather uppers of canvas instead.

2.the publicity of all star
As the popularity of popular around Asia and sunshine handsome image became CONVERSE's first China brand spokesperson, and take Taiwan as the center of radiation throughout Asia brand operation

Who speak over converse in time for the 2002 World Cup

Soda Green
Lead singer Qingfeng said, to rock 'n' roll. - London recording a new album, of course, to bring back the spirit of the original dense rock ", and this is CONVERSE always demands creative first, subversion of rational, agree without prior without previous consultation. Endorsement and participate in design.

3.the reason of choosing all...
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