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1. Murabaha
in one day, there is a guy named Hadi. he is the customer of Bank Muamalat Indonesia. He wants to purchase a car type Daihatsu APV to support his current job which is to accommodate elementary students to go to their school. since his money is not enough because his old car that he sell haven't sold yet. therefore, he decides to go to bank Muamalat to make am Murabahah contract. The price of the car is 200 million rupiah. After that bank sell the car to Hadi with the price 235 million and Ali can pay it with installment for 3 years. Before bank is setting the price, bank has calculate overhead cost and related cost during the period payment. In determining the profit, bank should compare to the interest rate in conventional bank to give competitive advantage to the customer. The calculations are below:


i = 5.5%
Based on Kontan news in 2013, BCA finance set interest rate 6%-7% for car financing in 3 years. It means Bank Muamalat has cheaper price rather than BCA finance. It is also the reason Hadi attracted to this scheme. Every month Hadi should pay (230,000,000 : 36) 6,527,777.778 to the bank. This 35 million profit was decided by Bank Muamalat with the considerations also of: Administration expenses IDR 1,000,000

2. Bai Salam
Ridwan is a farmer in Cirebon. He needs 50 million rupiah as the capital to start his farming. However, he doesn’t have sufficient money to do it. Then he decides to go to muamalat bank to have salam contract. Ridwan’s farming can produce 7 ton of corn in 6 months. Ridwan make salam agreement to the bank that when his farm harvest, 4 ton of corn will be given to the bank. The rest of 3 ton is owned by Ridwan. after the research of that corn business and do some calculation, the bank agree to finance IDR 50,000,000 to Ridwan in advance. The price of corn in the market is 15,000 per kg.

Expected revenue = 15,000 x 4000 = 60,000,000
Expected profit = 60,000,000 – 50,000,000
= 10,000,000
Profit Percentage =
so the bank will get profit IDR 10,000,000 from the corn that they get from Ridwan. 3. Mudharabah
the scheme that Bank as Rahib ul mal and entrepreneur as Mudarib Surya is fresh graduate student from president university. he has the plan to establish a business which is sundanese restaurant, because his brother has sundanese restaurant also, and during his college life, he often help his brother in running the restaurant, so he has a lot of experiences and knowledge about running and operating sundanese restaurant. after all the proposal is complete, the survey of the strategic location already finished also, surya come to Bank Syariah Mandiri to make a mudarabah contract. after learning the proposal from surya and checking the background of surya, bank decide to accept the proposal of surya, which is financing 500 million rupiah that will be returned in 5 years. because the lending rate in Indonesia is 12.5% per year, and deposit rate is 7.9%. from the research of the market that done by Bank and Surya, it shows that the rate of profit of this kind of business is around 15% of the capital each month. therefore, the profit that the restaurant will got is 75 million rupiah each month after tax. based on the projection of profit and the lending rate, surya and the bank make an agreement that the profit sharing will be 60% : 40%. 60% for the bank, and 40% for surya. therefore, surya will distribute 60% of the pofit which 75,000,000 each month, so it will be 45,000,000 each month plus principal, 500,000,000/5/12 is equal to 8,3333,333 so the total money that Surya give to the bank each mont based on PLS model is IDR 53,333,333 while surya himself got IDR 30,000,000 each month from the profit of the restaurant and for paying the principal IDR 8,333,333. therefore after paying the principal to the Bank, surya earn...
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