Content and Lenguage Integrated Learning

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Second language Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) it is an education system that consists of learning subjects such as history and geography through an additional language. To have a successful language learning it is important to receive instruction and at the same time to have the opportunity to experience it in real life. That is what it technical terms would be acquisition. This led me to the fact that naturalness is essential when learning a language, in other words, you have to be in contact with all aspects of a language in order to have a successful learning. As the booklet states, learning a language by going through “the often difficult proves of sorting out sounds, structures, grammar or vocabulary is rarely natural.” (p. 3)

Learning a language in school it is often very problematic because each student has their own needs and aspirations so it is very difficult to take in account all the circumstances, to put it in another way “their personal learning styles may not fully suit the approach which the school uses.” (p. 5) This system has two main aims, they focus on the subject, and they also focus on the language. It is an efficient method because the students concentrate on the subject and learn the second language almost without realising.

CLIL provides the students with the ability to think, understand and study in different language. It is helpful to have different perspectives and “it helps broaden our conceptual mapping resources.” (p. 8) Some of the advantages of CLIL are that instruction and acquisition are both accomplished, and students are given confidence by focusing on the positive aspects and using the motivation it creates to reach the best results.

The “disadvantage” of these educational opportunities is that it has been often offered to people who could afford that education and to those who were picked for some reason. In other words, it was restricted to a small groups in society. What CLIL pretends is the...
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