Content Analysis of Twitter

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Revolution of sports: Content analysis of twitter

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Revolution of Sports: Content Analysis of Twitter
With the evolution of social media, Twitter has become one of the top marketing instruments used by athletes all over the world. I want to discover the positive and negatives of presenting all thoughts to the media for public criticism. Professional athletes can use social media to connect with fans and share their personal lives in ways they never could use to before. With great power, comes great responsibility and if not properly handled, the misuse of Twitter can consequent in severe repercussions. A specific example of such action includes a highly sought after, former defensive lineman for the North Carolina Tar Heels, Marvin Austin (Walsh, 2011). His tweet from a party in Miami was quickly deemed the ‘tweet heard’ around the college football world (Walsh, 2011). Lack of consideration about the content within his tweets lead to immediate dismissal from the team and the suspension of many players. In this case, the vulnerabilities of Twitter ‘punched’ Marvin Austin right in the mouth, so to speak (Walsh, 2011). The social media channels offer athletes the opportunity to significantly strengthen their marketability but if not handled tediously and with constant thought of who the reader is, problems can occur. Lack of consideration or an aggressive rant in a split second of poor judgment can result in major incidents. “Perhaps every so-often Twitter should read its users their Social Media Miranda Rights: you have the right to remain silent, anything you post can and will be used against you in a court of public opinion,” suggested Michael Smith, NFL reporter for ESPN (Platt, 2011). This is an interesting point, because with an in depth look at what he says, it is beyond true that severe problems can come about from the misuse of Twitter. My intended goal of this research is to bring awareness to people about the capabilities of Twitter and how athletes can use it to expand marketability. In conjunction with that, I will also familiarize my audience with examples of positive impacts from tweets along with the negatives that tweeting can engender.

Literature Review
I gathered my finding from from various scholarly sources that included Epstein's journal on Athletes face some legal risks with social networking. Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. I also thoroughly analyzed the works of Hambrick, Simmons, Greenhalgh, and Greenwell authored as Understanding professional athletes' use of twitter: A content analysis of athlete tweets. Along side that I used Jansen, Zhang, Sobel, and Chowdury's Twitter power: Tweets as electronic word of mouth. Lastly I gained insightful knowledge by thoughtfully interpreting Ann Pegararo's research on Look who's talking-athletes on twitter: A case study. The combination of the research done by these individuals, together, helped me gather a better understanding and fostered proper development as I conducted my research.

Many findings from the multitude of sources that I deciphered from, helped me conduct my study about athletes and their use of Twitter. From promotion, to discussing personal lives, to even collaborating with fans across the nation; athletes are beginning to maximize Twitter in terms of capabilities. The research that I analyzed suggested that the majority of athletes have extensively used this social media site to perform any sort of action, from simple tweets about the weather or daily thoughts, to links to websites they are wishing to promote to the world. Studies that I drew from, showed a variety of tendencies from athletes from various sports. Along with tendencies, I also found detailed analysis about negative circumstances pertaining to what athletes incorporated into their tweets. Not all positive comes about by way of Twitter, and...
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