Contemporary Performance Art: How it Varies

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Contemporary Performance Art: How it Varies
From the early 1970’s performance art has become one of the most revolutionary ways of public expression. It is what some people would describe as “against the norm” when bringing up the subject of art. These kind of performances are presented to either random or specific audiences, where the performer presents and orchestrates scripted or unscripted work, or random and spontaneous works of art which include poetry, acting, dance, song, and painting. These displays can either be live or shown by video. Sometimes the performers aren’t even visible. Just as long as there is a line of connection and communication with the audience, so that it makes the spectator develop their own thoughts and opinions which are or not shared with others. Over the years more and more ways of performance art has been introduced to the world. Today, modern performance art has many different forms that most of us would not even realize was performance art until now. Modern performance art now comes to us on television with the media empire, artists in music, with new and different styles of contemporary performers.

With television the world is constantly viewing various news from all over the world, finding out positive and negative effects of the world on societies and populations. Everyday modern media uses different ways to catch the attention

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of the public to let them know what goes on in the real world. Today public service announcements even come in as performance art. “Truth” or “The Truth” is one company who has a objective like all performers when they deliver something to an audience. Their stage; the streets of the city. The audience; the people who walk among those streets. Their objective simply is, to show this audience the facts about cigarette smoking. Through that they show certain displays such as: Imagine walking down the street. You’re going to work, school, home or some other place that you need to get to. The city like most days is full of people walking up and down them almost everyday. So you think nothing is outside of the ordinary. Suddenly, one by one, a different person or even some simultaneously, collapse around you, as if they are “dropping dead”. The amount of people collapsing; over 1000 individuals. They do not move at all as they lie on the street. A certain dramatic pause in the air comes in effect letting you, as the spectator, let what has just happened around you sink into your thoughts. Just then, there is a person who delivers the message that more than a thousand people die from tobacco related disease. There is no doubt that this presentation is something that cannot be ignored by anyone. So, In that moment, you have officially become an audience of performance art. But, you are not the only audience member. This was also filmed so that it would be presented as a public service announcement during commercials on television. Many people do not realize that this is a form of performance art. There’s performers, a space, an audience, the connection between the performer and the audience, and time. Four essentials that are present in delivering performance art. There are many

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more people and groups doing the same by bringing forth either cold, hard facts to light or just opinions to be shared with others. Every day different companies find more and more creative ways to bring public service announcements on television , letting us as the audience develop our own thoughts and opinions on the subject of the matter.

Musical artists for generations are some of the most well known performance artists. They have an objective to create music that sends a message that can inspire and entertain the people who listen to them and watch them perform at either concerts, award shows, or in music videos (going back to television). Certain artists, such as Stefani Germanotta, better known to the public as Lady Gaga, is one of the most...

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