Defining the Visual Arts

Topics: Art, Music, Performing arts Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: December 12, 2014

Defining the Visual Arts
Alina Lopez
October 20, 2014
Milinda Jaffe-Bork

Defining Visual Arts
Trying to imagine the world without art is like trying to imagine the world without air. Most people don’t realize how much they rely on the importance of art in their everyday life. Visual arts consist of much more than a painting at a museum. “The visual arts can help us give meaning to what seems meaningless and help us recapture feelings and experiences that we have once had or would like to have again” (Jewell, 2002, Chapter 10, Visual Arts—Feast For the Eyes). Visual art styles can be endless.” Visual arts are usually perceived as the arts you can see with your eyes.”(, 2013) Some types of visual arts are photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, filmmaking, interior design, electronic or technology based art, weaving or even carving. The list can go on and on. . From this abundance of choices artist can create many different works of art. Just are there are many different forms of art, there are artist of all shape and kind, each with their own vision. No two artists see things exactly the same. Though art can be anything, not just anyone can be an artist. It is through art that we express our emotions, intellect, and ideas. All types of art basically tell a story. Although there are many kinds of art there are basically two types of art: visual art and performing art. There are many people who are masters of visual arts, they are highly evolved artists. The paintings of Raphael, Degas, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso are few of the great ones that come to mind in the areas of sculpture and painting. With all of the different kinds of art, performing arts is one of the much appreciated and enjoyed by people – singing, dancing, standup, comedy, drama, plays, theatre, magic shows, and opera. The artists who choose to perform these arts are all artists who...

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