Contemporary Indian Music

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Cultural and Societal influence on Contemporary Indian Music through Mass Media

1.The history of Indian music can be traced back to many centuries. Traditionally, music was a means of communicating prayers for religious purposes and strictly confined to the theatres. However, Indian music has now branched into variousdiverse forms and variesranges from classical to pop. These increasing changes within Indian music These increasing changes within Indian music arecan be directly attributable to an one important evolution of our times, mass media. Many of thethese changes led by mass media have been positive and led to innovations that did not exist before. However, it is believed that are also a series of negative influences that haves caused India’s own enriched music to experience a drastic shift metamorphose into something unrecognizable causing l, in which the listeners toare becomeing less apt to connect with the core values of Indian music that once existed. 2.Ever since the beginning of modern communication technology, it has been easier for people around the world to communicate; this has evidently made the world itself seem like a smaller space. The art of broadcasting has allowed millions of people to be united through one medium, in which they become the common recipients of a particular message. In the contemporary India, television has become the most influential source of medium for mass media, in which it plays an important role in the “social construction of reality” (Morgan, 1990). Therefore, it is believed more appropriate to state that television has indirectly brought change to Indian music through its influence on the social and cultural situations of India. 3.Before outlining the prominent effects on India’s music, it is significant to indicate the reasons pertaining to the strong influence of television on developing nations, such as India. Firstly, television has become a common household item due to its relatively inexpensive purchase price. “The number of televisions in India sets increased from around 9 million in early 1987 and to around 47 million in 1994; increases are expected to continue at around 6 million sets per year” (India TV 1). .”[1] Even the rural regions in India now have access to television. Secondly, television offers a variety of programs that are of interest to all age groups; basically, it does not discriminate against any one group. There are cartoons for children, dramas for adults, and talk shows for teenagers. Lastly, individuals have the ability to control the programs they watch and when they watch it (Johnson, 2001). These factors together have propelled the Indians’ reliance on television which has ultimately inflicted many changes within the Indian society and culture which ultimately that led to changes to the music of India. Through the examination of diverse situations in India such as urbanization, lessening of gender differences and a large increase in musical-related shows, this dissertation will illustrate the vast social and cultural changes taking place in the culturally rich India, in large part due to the relatively recent popularity of television throughout the country. The dissertation will then discuss the effects of these societal and cultural changes on Indian music. The remaining of the dissertation will illustrate the vast social and cultural changes, both positive and negative, that have occurred in India, in large part due to the introduction of television throughout the country and how these changes have impacted Indian music.

Urbanization: A Prevailing Reality
4.Many countries of the world were once developing nations. It was through the process of urbanization and growth that these countries eventually become trend setters for others. It is believed that India is also undergoing this process of urbanization largely due to the programs and advertisements depicted through television. A large portion of the programs are locally produced,...
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