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Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies

As part of integral system to society corporate has responsibility towards community and also part of corporate self-regulation integrated with into business. In some models, a firm's implementation of CSR goes beyond compliance and engages in "actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm and that which is required by law. Corporate Responsibility aims to embrace responsibility for corporate actions and to encourage a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, communities, and others. Marketing strategy is kind of goal for increasing sales and achieving a sustainable advantage. Marketing strategy includes all basic and long-term activities in the field of marketing that deal with the analysis of the strategic initial situation of a company and the formulation, evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies and therefore contribute to the goals of the company and its marketing objectives. Overview of Apple

Apple is one of the biggest company/organization on the earth. Any corporate or organization final aim is to make profit and grow bigger. However, only profitable concept make organization leads to fail and due to failure of looking towards employee or co-partners also fail. If any company only concentrate on profit or business, it’s likely to be failed. This would be really good if company will start thinking about social responsibility and ethical towards its employee, society, and rest of the world. Company should also think more towards doing ethical work and more responsive towards ideal society. Apple’s Ethical and Social Responsibilities

Ethical Responsibilities
During recent time Apple come under observation due to ethical and social responsibility adherence and violations and extended hours working strategies. Apple is very famous for its product, innovation and services, as we all know Apple is industry leader in Mobile, laptop and iPad industries. Apple has even gained a reputation as a good employer from critics also. Yet, despite all of this, due to all evidences against Apple has not able to avoid shortfalls in its ethical and social responsibilities. Social Responsibilities

Apple is the biggest technology company on earth and is seen as the most innovative in Mobile and tablet industries. Despite of that, few months ago through media it’s comes out that Apple’s suppliers are treating their employees with unethical treatment of workers in factories and suppliers overseas, particularly in China. According to Apple’s recent website, it believes that “every worker has the right to a safe and healthy work environment”. As per recent report it also mentioned that – To address the shortage of qualified environment, health, and safety (EHS) personnel, we launched the Apple Supplier EHS Academy — a formal, 18-month program we believe to be one of the most comprehensive EHS training and education programs in any supply chain. In 2013, over 240 factory personnel representing factories with more than 270,000 employees enrolled in this program, which will raise the standard for EHS management in our supply chain. Also it indicates that it’s “suppliers must treat workers fairly and ethically at all times,” and that the company “goes deep into its supply chains to enforce our standards and correct problems” (Apple website, 2014). Impact of Ethical and Social Responsibilities Violation

Above statement is specified into Apple’s website states, however that is little bit far from the truth as per reports says, and also it does not apply to all suppliers and factories. As per media sources its comes out that Apple suppliers in China are using child labor to accomplish its works in factory. Also it comes out that “they are forcing employee to work overtime with less pay” (TheGardian, 2013). Due to extremely poor condition at supplier places, and factories, Apple...

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