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Topics: Feminism, Renaissance, History of painting Pages: 3 (276 words) Published: June 13, 2014
JULIE RRAP – “Christ” (persona & shadow series) 1984

The artwork is a personal statement and deals with feminist issues

Symbols identified in this image

Typical Christian symbols
1. The cross
2. Nails through the hands & feet
3. Eyes closed
4. Naked except for Loin cloth
Commonly used system of signs and symbols in Christian paintings

Typical symbols associated western culture

Early Renaissance painting

“Yellow Christ” By Gauguin

Feminist art
Feminist art provides the space for the recognition of women’s achievements and the characteristics of their art practice. Feminist art practice responds to a bias of art history that privileges the artmaking practice of men. Feminist art challenges the ideas central to a patriarchal society by recognising that throughout history, the depiction of women has been constructed for a male audience.

An essential aim is to gain autonomy without the acceptance or inclusion and continue to, challenge the negative ideas and attitudes that suggest that women are inferior.

Julie Rrap (Australian)is an artist who has been actively involved in the critique of what dictates the approach to female sensibility.

She has explored whether it is socially or biologically determined and how traditional art practice has influenced ideas. Primarily a photographer, Rrap’s early work of mixed media, has moved to installations and large series of self-portrait images in religious or historically significant poses.

In her series Persona and Shadow (1984), Rrap explores the relationship between herself and the historical figures representing women and their role in society.

Persona and Shadow is an artwork that is based on the female imagery of Edvard Munch and Rrap critiques the operation of historical determinism by placing her own body where the (unidentified) women is placed.
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