Contacts vs Glasses

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Contacts and Glasses

These days many students have been wearing contact lenses and glasses. But sometimes parents don’t allow their children wear contacts because it can cause infections and sometimes worse cases. Wearing glasses and contacts both have advantages and disadvantages. I will be contrasting their comfort, price, and appearance.

First, I will be talking about the comfort between both glasses and contact lenses. When wearing glasses sometimes people get irritated when their glasses don’t fit right and slip. Whereas, when you wear contacts you don’t need to worry about this problem. On the other hand, contacts have disadvantages too. For example, when people use contacts they have to take good care of them For instance, you will need to clean your lenses everyday so that germs won’t stay on the contacts. If you do not clean your contacts or take good care of them there is a really high chance for you to get eye infection.

Next, I will be talking about the prices between contacts and glasses. In Korea, you can buy glasses for a cheap price compared to other countries. Cheaper ones cost in the range of ten thousand to fifty thousand won. Better ones have higher prices because of their quality. There are many types of contacts, some contacts last for six months and there are also disposable contacts. These come in a pack of thirty pairs, which costs about fifty thousand won. If you were to wear contacts everyday then you should wear contacts that last for months, which costs about fifty thousand, won. If you want to use less money then glasses would be the best choice for you.

Lastly, I will be telling you how contacts and glasses affect your appearance. Contacts tend to make your eyes a bit larger than usual because they make your eyes shine where there is light. Conversely, glasses sometimes make a person’s eyes appear smaller. It really depends on the person. Some people think that glasses make you look like a nerd but sometimes people wear...
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