Hearing Impairment and Specific Communication Needs

Topics: Hearing impairment, Nonverbal communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 4 (914 words) Published: February 22, 2014

Support individuals with specific communication needs

Learning Outcomes for 1.1/1.2/1.5 will be cross referenced into Unit HSC21 and LD201

1.3 In the table below list features in the environment that may help or hinder communication. Then describe in detail how these features may help or hinder communication.

Features in the environment
How may this help or hinder communication?

People with a hearing or sight impairment need good lighting as they may need to be able to see your face features to see what you are saying to them. (Reading lips). Distractions

People would not be able to hear you if you are in a busy and noisy area. For example; if you have a few friends and everyone is talking at once the person who can’t hear well won’t be able to hear the conversation. Positioning

You need to be facing each other so you can read the other persons facial expression and body language. To help understand what they are saying to you.

Barriers block are view of the other person and it can impair on us understanding and hearing the person. You can also feel uneasy. For example; when you go to the bank and you have a separated glass in between you. Space

You don’t want someone to be too close to you as you would feel uncomfortable and uneasy. We need to feel comfortable with the other person to communicate well.

1.4 In the table below list and describe the reasons why an individual may have specific communication needs. Then identify a

Learning difficulties like down syndrome will have an effect on people’s communication because it can impair the hearing and speech. They can find it hard to form certain words which are hard for others to understand. They also make their own way to communicate to others. Depending on how much their disability takes over them.

Physical disability such as Cerebral palsy which is damage to the brain can compare someone’s hearing and speech it all...
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