Consumer Behaviour Project Report on Olpers Milk

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Engro is derived from the company logo of" Energy for Growth”. Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited (ECPL) is a Pakistani manufacturing and marketing company with its production based in Daharki (Sindh), Karachi and a new plant at Sahiwal. It is included in stock exchanges of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

During the past decade it has diversified its business and now owns subsidiary companies like Engro Foods Limited and Engro Energy Limited. It is considered the leading business group of Pakistan.

For our project, we will be focusing on Engro Foods and specifically on Olpers Brand of tetra packed milk.

History and Current Status

Engro chemicals Pakistan is the second largest producer of urea fertilizers in Pakistan. It was initially known as Exxon chemicals Pakistan until in 1991, Exxon decided to divest its fertilizer business on a global basis. The employees of then Exxon Chemical Pakistan Limited, in partnership with leading international and local financial institutions bought out Exxon’s 75 percent equity. This was one of the most successful buy out by the employees of a company in the history of corporate field in Pakistan. From then on, the company has outperformed all of its competitors and is still climbing the ladder of excellence in its core business of fertilizers and has successfully diversified its business in the form of Engro foods and Engro Energy. Its performance & outlook is following the declared Vision “to be the Premier Pakistani Enterprise with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all stake holders.” The product that we have chosen "Olper's milk" is the product produced by Engro foods, one of the subdivisions of Engro.

Principal products of the company

Primarily, Engro is as agriculture based company but with the recent launch of its subsidiaries, its production can be identified under three main categories:

1. Engro Chemical Fertilizers,

2. Engro Foods,

3. Engro Energy,

Engro Chemical Fertilizers:

As being an agriculture based company, Engro’s core business is to manufacture and market chemical fertilizers. Engro is producing agriculture related products such as:

• Urea fertilizer
• Crop specific NPK fertilizers
• Zarkhez
• Zorawar
• Zingro
• Zoron

Engro Foods:

Engro Foods, a subsidiary of Engro Chemicals Pakistan started its business operations in March 2006. In the past two years the company opened two processing pants at sukkur and sahiwal and has established itself as a major player in the food business. At the time, Engro food is offering four consumer products namely:

• Olpers Milk,
It is an all purpose milk introduced by Engro foods. The USP of the product is that it is targeted towards people of every age and occupation. It mainly attracts customers through its all purpose appeal.

• Tarang
It is a newly introduced product mainly for the C class. It is basically a tea whitener focused towards the lower income earning families of the country. The abstract television advertisements of the product has given it a lot of recognition, however not all of it is positive. • Olwell

A modification of Olpers, it is low fat milk mainly focused at the youth and those individuals who are weight conscious or are suffering from diabetes or any other disease of that sort. Certain television advertisements that did not synergize with the culture of Pakistan had an adverse effect on the product's initial sales • Olpers cream

It is a whole milk cream used mainly for making desserts.

Engro Energy

The Engro Energy project consists of the development, construction and...
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