Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Marketing, Decision making, Consumer behaviour Pages: 9 (2357 words) Published: September 5, 2013

Thesis for the award of Doctor of Philosophy in
The Department of Business Administration

Under the Supervision of Submitted by
Prof(Dr.) GP Sharma Ghanshyam Saini Department of Business Administration MBA, M.Phil, UGC NET Govt. R. R College, Alwar (Raj.)
Table of Contents
Abstract i
Acknowledgements iii
Statement of Declaration iv
Table of Contents v
List of Tables xiv
List of Figures xvi
Chapter One
1.1 Background
1.2 Historical perspective of retail marketing management in India 1.3 Role of management in marketing
1.4 Marketing definition in broad sense
1.5 Meaning and definition of marketing environment
1.6 Scope of marketing
1.7 Consumer Behavior
1.8 Meaning and definitions of consumer behavior
1.9 Consumer Buying Decision Process
1.10 characteristic of buyer behaviors
1.11 Main applications of consumer behavior:
1.12 History of consumer protection
1.13 factors that affect the consumer behavior
1.14 Two wheeler auto mobiles introduction
1.15Introduction of Hero Honda Motorcycle
1.16 Introduction of Bajaj Auto Limited

Chapter two
Review of literature
Chapter three
Research methodology
3.1 definitions of research
3.2 objectives of the research
3.3 importance of the research
3.4 research methods and research methodology
3.5 Applications of Marketing Research
3.6 type of research
3.7 step in research process
3.8 research methodology of the thesis
3.8.1 Reason to choose the topic
3.8.2 Conceptualization
(a)Information investigation
(b)Formulation of hypothesis
(c) Sampling Design
(d) Designing the questionnaire

3.8.3 Actualization (execution of research design)
(a) Collection of data
(b) Editing, coding and classification
Chapter four
Profile of selected companies
4.1 profile of Hero Honda ltd.
4.2 profile of Bajaj Auto Ltd.
Chapter five
factors affecting consumer behavior
5.1 Conceptual Framework
5.2 Stages of consumer purchasing of a product.
5.3 Personal factors effecting consumer behavior. 5.4 Psychological Factor
5.5 Cultural Factor
5.6 Social Factor
5.7 other factors
Comparative analysis of hero Honda & Bajaj auto ltd.

6.1 Comparisons between Hero Honda and Bajaj auto ltd.
6.2 Question analysis and interpretation

Summary of Findings suggestions and Conclusions
7.1 Findings
7.2 suggestions for Hero Moto crop
7.3 suggestions for Bajaj Auto Ltd.
7.4 some common suggesations for both company
7.5 conclusions

Bibliography 209
Appendices 230
Appendix 1 Letter of Informed Consent 231
Appendix 2 Sample Copy of Sponsorship Survey
Questionnaire 234
Appendix 3 Pattern Matrix for EFA 1 239
Appendix 4 Structure Matrix for EFA 2 241
Appendix 5 Pattern Matrix for EFA 2 243
Appendix 6 Structure Matrix for EFA 2 245
Appendix 7 Discriminant Validity Table 247
Appendix 8 Details of Conference for Research
Presentation and Acceptance Letter 250
List of Tables
Table 1.0 Definitions of Key Constructs 13
Table 4.0 Major Findings of Relevant Consumer-Based Sponsorship Studies 77
Table 4.1 Study Hypotheses 94
Table 5.0 Constructs and Measures 1 105
Table 5.1 Constructs and Measures 2 108
Table 5.2 Constructs and...

Bibliography: Figure 3.2 A Representation of Speed and Thompson’s (2000)
Conceptual Model 69
Figure 3.3 A Representation of Meenaghan’s (2001) Model of
Sponsorship Effects 69
Figure 3.4 A Representation of Grohs et al.’s (2004) Sponsorship
Model 70
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