Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Decision making, Cognition Pages: 4 (1304 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Case Study: Consumer behaviour and holidays
In this assignment I will be analysing the following; a case study presented on how holiday decision making varies from the traditional problem-solving model of consumer decision making. Q1
By analysing the traditional problem-solving of consumer decision making you can grasp that the market of holiday makers is more complex. The traditional method follows the concept that the consumers desire or needs creates a problem within the individual, which leads to the consumer undertaking actions to fulfil their need or desire. In actual fact this may be adequate for everyday needs which is explained in the FCB grid, for example a consumer may crave the need for a pack of cigarettes and therefore goes and purchases a pack of cigarettes without the consumer knowing they have completed a low involvement habitual response of Do-Learn-Feel, but when trying to establish the thought pattern of a holiday buyer it has shown to be much more complex as personality traits and other factors have shown to come in to play. If relating a segment of the FCB grid to what I believe is a direct correlation with holiday makers, it would be a high level informative process of Learn-Feel-Do, which is also related to consumers when buying products such as cars and houses. Another quadrant of the FCB grid which has been proven in the case study would be a high involvement feel which is a psychological pattern of Feel-Learn-do which is stated by Vincent in the case study by going on to say ‘No, it’s a on the spot decision’. This therefore shows the traditional 5 step process of: •Need recognition

Information search
Evaluation of alternative
Product choice
Decision out-come
However this is not being followed completely by holiday makers, they understand there is a need but it looks as if the decision of where they will go is much more impulsive than planned. The case study on Holiday decision making process clearly states from...
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