Study Guide Exam 1 1
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MKT 300 Exam 1
Study Guide
Modules 1-3

Module 1:
Marketing, Marketing Mix definitions
Concept of Exchange
Demographics vs. Psychographics
Marketing Concept
Marketing Management Philosophies
Market Orientation

Module 2:
Marketing Environment
Social Changes
Porter’s Five Forces
Bases of Segmentation
Targeting Strategies
Perceptual Maps
Weber’s Law
Strategic Market Plan Elements
SWOT analysis
BCG Matrix
Market Strategy Focus
Competitive Advantage
Positional Strategies
Strategic Opportunity Matrix
Consolidation Strategies
Balanced Scorecard
Sections of a Marketing Plan
Consumer Culture
Environmental consumers
Acculturation/enculturation/reverse acculturation
Regulatory bodies
Corporate social responsibility
Ethical Development levels
Business-to-business Marketing
Types of business demand
Business vs. Consumer markets
Buying situations
Global market standardization
Entering the global marketplace

Module 3:
5-Step Decision-Making Process
Consumer decision strategies – make sure you can tell me which choice is made with each of the three different decision models, given a chart similar to our Four Vacation Choice chart
Cognitive Dissonance
Factors Influencing Purchase
Social/reference groups
Personal influences – lifestyle/personality
Theory of Reasoned Action
Beliefs and attitudes
Central-route/peripheral-route processing
Internal/external components
Formulation of TORA (BI = Aact + SN)
No need to work through any calculations here, just know the theory
Consumer Insight/marketing research
Marketing research process
Secondary vs Primary data
Measurement scales
Closed-ended questions
Sampling plans
Marketing information systems
BDI and CDI – here are sample problems that will be similar to those on the exam (remember, no calculators as this isn’t a math test):

Q1. Let's say that there are

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