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Inadequate 24 Hours Convenience Stores in University Technology Malaysia.

24 hours convenience stores are the most important facilities for students in UTM. It will provide the students with all the important and necessary things that they needs. As our survey, we found that there is only one 24 hours Mini Mart in the campus area which is stated at Scholar Inn. This store are located too far from others Faculties or campus such as Faculty of Built Environment (FAB), Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Rahman Putra College, and Tun Fatimah College. The store will provide the students with dry food, medicine, service providing such as printing service and other daily needs.

Background Information
As we know, there are limitations of time for student to go out from UTM to find goods. That is not the matter with the limitation of time but the point is the store will provide the students when they need any important things after midnight. Students often returned late because they have to find important stuff out of University. Students will spend more money when they have to go out to find their goods. It will leads to higher expenditure for transportation. The public transportation will charge double after midnight. Some students does not possess own transport, so this will be difficult for them to buy their needs at night because of UTM also does not provide the transportation service for student after class session. The students will start to neglect their health because they have to sacrifice a lot when they want to go out to find their stuff. Due to the locations that are far from the college as mention above to Scholar Inn, it exposes the students to a high safety risk especially to the female students. Students have to walk long distance without any secure at night.

Problem Statement
Students make an excuse to the security guard as their reason for return back after midnight. This is not the right attitude as a student...
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