School Improvement Team: Data Analysis

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Leadership Teams
Chinita Bascom
Grand Canyon University: EDA 577
August 20, 2014

School Improvement Team: Problem to Address Who is need? Objectives Data Analysis
Affected Process
To find out why the students were late or absent.
Improve student academic performance.
Student Achievement
Assistant Principal

To know who often the students committed truancy.
Data-Based Decisions-Making
Parental Involvement
Guidance Counselor
To identify ways to help students rise above the act of truancy or lateness.
Retention of highly qualified teachers
Community Involvement
Grade Level Chairpersons

Attendance Policy

Businesses (Job Opportunities)
SAC President/ Community Members

School improvement
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A. (1998) p.25-44. In order to assist the parents, job fair have been offered in the community and at the school. Job opportunities are available through the local businesses. Parents are able to receive monthly trainings in the academic areas. Students need to attend school on a daily basis to be successful. My administrators focus on the idea that attendance leads to a failure and the use of data that could raise the academic performance of our students. Therefore, attendance is a factor that affects the needs of the community. Many student absences are not about missing school deliberately. My school is located in a poverty community. Therefore attendance is affected due to insufficient healthcare, lack of transportation, homelessness and frequently moving Morrissey, T. W., Hutchison, L., & Winsler, A. (2013) p. 3. At my school, we have different classifications to justify absences: pleasure, dislike, and obstacles. With pleasure, parents and students don’t understand importance of attendance, school lack a solid value of attendance, or students just don’t want to come. With dislike, the students are struggling academically, being bullying, or dealing with stress. With obstacles, students lack sufficient healthcare; unsafe route to school; lack …show more content…
He found that most schools tracked daily attendance but didn’t calculate the attendance for the month. Student’s report card usually show the number of instructional days missed. Nevertheless schools and school districts don’t put this data into a report. Data analysis is a key component for addressing absenteeism Data-Based Decision Making (2009). My principal has appointed a team of staff members to meet on a regular basis to discuss at-risk students, investigate causes of absenteeism via email, phone call, and parent meetings. The principal has also reached out to the community for assistance. The principals used his attendance data to pinpoint students who were absent frequently attendance is being and required the support of the community to solve this issue. Schools can make attendance a part of their accountability report for evaluating the

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