Constituency Management

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The system deals with Automation of all the data of CONSTITUENCIES of Election Department and its details. It allows the political parties and individual leaders to manage information of the constituency and maintain the relationship with voter. It allows the user to view their status online. The Election Department can get the details of the candidate and voter as well. Without the wastage of time the election department can get the list of voters of any constituency within seconds, while it takes a lot of time for the existing process. To overcome the drawbacks in the existing system this particular system was proposed to mark the work of the department much easier. And more over the department cannot get the accurate results in the present system, so there is a need for automation of existing System. Besides this a new facility has been introduced where a voter can make any query to its Representative and the concerned representative will answer the query

The Constituency Management System is comprehensive solution to E-governance so that Election Process and constituencies can be managed and a complete solution is obtained. This will have all data of the election department managed by the respective department. Besides this the system will have all constituencies managed by respective MLA and each detail about constituencies will be shown as anyone can make use of Right to Information Act [RTI] to find the details of information regarding their constituencies. Even the residents can also complain over any problem they are facing and will have their queries responded


3.1 Existing system

Existing system is a manual one in which users and the details of the voters and candidates are stored in books .Wrong and unwanted votes are given .counting of votes are done manually which takes lots of time and inaccurate counting is done. It is very difficult to maintain historical data. Secondly it is time consuming to find out the details of the previous elected members. In the existing system the voter list printed at the time of elections does not have the pictures of the voters making it easy to the voting staff to recognize the voter.

3.2 Limitations of existing system
Maintaining Constituency and Voter Details manually
No Provision to check for issuing bogus / duplicate voters Can’t query to the concerned MLA / Representative
3.3 Proposed System

The CONSTITUENCY MANAGEMENT is a software application which avoids more manual hours that need to spend in record keeping and calculating votes. Through this the users and the candidates are registered online .their information is stored in the database the admin can easily access the details of the voters and the candidates The voters are allowed to vote online they can even vote by sitting at home .Every User s allowed to vote only once so there is no chance of duplicated votes. This application keeps the data in a centralized way which is available to all the users simultaneously. It is very easy to manage historical data in database. They can easily use the tool that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and hence increases the performance.

3..4 Advantages of Proposed System

following drawbacks of existing system emphasize the need for computerization Maintaining Voter Detail manually
No Provision to check for issuing bogus / duplicate voters
Number of votes for each candidate.
Percentage of votes for each candidate.
Checking for duplication.
Finding the winning person.
Finding the margin of votes
Can’t query to the concerned MLA / Representative


This project involves mainly three modules.

Party Registration
Voter Registration
MLA Registration


Voter Registration Module :

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