Consolidation of Power of Hitler and the Nazis

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazism Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: July 20, 2011
The ease with which Hitler and the Nazis were able to consolidate their power by August 1934, was due to the combination of luck, manipulation of legal procedures and a willingness to be uterly ruthless. The Nazi position was extremly unstable and in shaky circumstances during January 193. However, after the events and actions taken to consolidate their power the Nazis grew stronger and became invulnerable for the time they were in power.

Luck played an extremely significant role in the contribution to the Nazi consolidation of power. Hitler had been made Chancellor, however real power still eluded him. He did not have a majority in the Reichstaf and President Hindenburg had not supplied him with emergency power. The Reichstag Fire on the 27th February 1933 was an opportunity for Hitler to reach for total power. The accusal and arrest of a Dutch communist who was accused of lighting the fire, was advantagous for Hitler and his propaganda message. He was able to develop the idea amongst the German people that the destruction of the Reichstag was a communist coup threat. This created further fear amongst the nation towards communist parties and so people resorted to Nazism, which allowed them to grow in popularity. Hitler, along with the backing of his cabinet were able to convince Hindenburg to provide Hitler with emergency power. Hitler took advantage of his power over Article 48 and The Reichstag Fire Decree was passed a day later. The significance of this was that he was able to suspend the constitution, along with the civil liberties of constitutional rights and freedoms. Hitler also authorised the government to make arrests, totaling to 4000, of those who were against the overthrowing of communism. Significantly, the KPD party was not banned, as its continued existence allowed the Nazis to continually use them for propaganda purposes. It is evident through the results of the election of the 5 March 1933 that after these events the Nazis were gradually...
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