Consistently Developing Knowledge, Skills, and Values

Topics: Leadership, Learning / Pages: 3 (560 words) / Published: Apr 22nd, 2013
Consistently Developing Knowledge, Skills and Values

An integral part of human is his continual development and his productivity towards excellence. It is said that knowledge is power. Yes, it is; but it should go along with one’s abilities and attitude in his life-long endeavour.
Each of us should be honed to become a better citizen of our society—a true asset and a good leader who contributes to the betterment of our nation, but how? The big question lies on how we could open our eyes to the big changing world as we advance ourselves in every aspect of our lives. We have to be aware of the call for self-sustainability that will bring about mutual benefits to others.
Let us take the influence of our good leaders like Mahatma Ghandi and Jawaharlal Neru as peace leaders. How about Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln as America’s pride towards unification? Here, our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal exerted a lot of influence to us and they left an unwavering legacy. All these were a product of their consistent productivity that touched the lives of our people.
Now you, as an ordinary citizen of our nation, could make a difference by stepping out to become a part of a successful country and by keeping yourself well directed and focused on your perceived goals towards continuous development for you and of what you could do to others.
Remember that the hunger to learn, in varied levels, has always been part of your existence. The questions you encounter spring out from your intention and motivation to learn. With positive regard on every challenge thrown along your way, you must muster a needed degree of expertise and fuse it with an ample amount of experience to have the edge in acquiring and consistently developing knowledge, skills and values essential to progress in a rate that will quantify a person’s development.
Therefore, whether you are teachers or students at schools, doctors or nurses in hospitals, and even organizers or judges in this oratorical

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