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Topics: Change, Education, Nelson Mandela Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: January 8, 2015
Khadija Issa
Agents of change in a Global world
HH/IHST 1020
September 17, 2014
Can a person make a difference?
I agree that one person can make a difference it can be in their personal lives or making a change towards a society. There are a variety of ways a person can make a distinction it can by changing themselves for the better and this can influence those surrounding them. Making a difference does not necessarily mean changing a person’s personality, behaviour or personal looks it can also refer to changing the way a person looks at diverse situations, changing studying methods or trying to make a change in the world by being a productive citizen. A person can make a difference if they believe in themselves and have the determination to make a change since change starts from oneself. A person can be more involved in issues taking place in the world through demonstrations and through public support. One can inspire change, for example, through voting when one votes they get the chance of being heard and they can make a difference towards the society. Getting education is another way of making a difference, a person who is educated has more chances of getting a good future as compared to a person who has not established education. However, when one has good education they have more knowledge and are more aware of issues surrounding them such as poverty, economy, cost of living and also they have a better chance of educating their children and passing their knowledge to them. Furthermore, there are public figures such as Nelson Mandela how has made a difference in the world. He was well-known for ending apartheid in South Africa and has educated us that racism shouldn’t be ignored but rather solved and live in peace amongst one another. Another situation where a person can make a change is through poverty, poverty is one of the issues affecting lives in today’s time. Poverty can be changed by getting education, providing clean water to the...
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