Conservatism in Canada

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On the greasy pole:

The Canadian Conservative Party

Whether or not the Conservative party will secure another majority government in the 2015 elections is a question occupying everyone's mind. There are, of course, arguments to support both the possibilities yet the debate seems to be lopsided. The Canadian Conservatism as well as the Conservative party is bound to fail, eventually, at replacing the Liberal party in its role as the federal level governing party of Canada. There are certain factors at play that suggest the Conservative party can not cut the mustard in this race. It has been apparent over time that the successes of the Conservative party are owed to the shortcomings of the Liberals rather than actual popularity of the Conservatives. Moreover, the core values of the Conservative party are in contrast with the increasing Canadian social democracy as well as the current trend of and move towards liberalization. Maneuvering from these values may very well cost the party their key supporters and players. Furthermore, based on the trends of their popularity, it seems fair to state that the Conservative party is finding it hard to uphold a strong and certain standing.

Essentially, at first, the Conservative party was composed of the “Tories” which followed the English conservative system. The Tories belonged to a school of ideology that was contrary to the liberalism in Canada. This was because of their primary focus on upholding traditional values, order and support of inherent hierarchy whereas the liberals advocated the use of reason/logic, freedom and equality. The Liberal party has always preached what Canadians like to hear i.e. a more individualistic approach which has always been a rising trend. With this trend and their popularity, the Liberal party came in full force to maintain its position in Canadian politics. The liberals have managed to remain the governing party of Canada in the past century. The Conservatives did win a few

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