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In the medical field correct medical files are very important. Sometimes errors are just a typographical error. Any information that will have an effect on a diagnosis ,treatment, or ability to be contacted will affect you and your health today and in the future, should be corrected. If you correct something it should be time stamped and dated. Initials of the person making corrections should be included.

When a new patient comes into the office to see a doctor they should be advised of computerized data bases at that first visit or as soon as possible. The patient should know what type of information is stored and insure privacy.

The meaning of purging is to clear any unwanted information. When this information is found in the database, the patient should be notified and the doctor also. After their notification, the information is should be changed to the correct information and the patient should be notified.

Online information is information that can be accessed through the internet regardless of location. The information should only be available online. The patient must consent to this information being shared and who it is being shared with.

If the computer service bureau erase any stored records, the information should be erased and verified by the bureau to the physcian. Verification of the erased data will help in fixing or replacing the data with the correct information.

The patient has all the rights to know who has access to their information and why. The patient has the right to restrict or allow the information being provided to anyone.

The AMA opinion is that "there should be controlled access to the computerized database via security procedures such as...
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