Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Privacy, Identity theft Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: February 22, 2013
AO1- The rights of service users when accessing services

The rights of service users when accessing services is what service users are entitled to when using the service. The care value base is a set of guidelines that all organisations in health and social care professionals have to follow that promotes service users rights and ensures they are met. Care values are regulations on how the service worker should treat service users. There are five different care values: - Promoting Anti-Discriminatory practice. -Maintaining confidentiality of information.

-Respect and acknowledging individual choice, culture, Identity and beliefs. -Promoting effective communication and relationships.
-Promoting empowerment.
Confidentiality is ensuring service users private information is only accessible on a need to know basis and is protected from those who are not authorised to view the private information. It also means not revealing private or personal information. It is used to force a barrier on personal information and how and to whom it may be disclosed to. It is especially important in Health and Social care organizations as many service users disclose personal data to health and social care professionals and reasonably expects their information to be kept private, such as in a relationship of trust. Trust in a service user/worker is important, as a service user would be unwilling to reveal personal information. Fulford (2001) agrees that confidentiality is a function of relationships. Confidentiality is also vital to maintain the rights of service users as it helps to avoid identity theft.

Many legal rights for service users are linked to confidentiality. For example, the Data Protection Act (1998) ensures and protects every individual’s right to privacy. The Data Protection Act (1998) is an act of parliament which ensures every individual in the UK has the right to the protection and safekeeping of personal information, facts or statistics. The law...
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