Cone Crusher Parts Replacing the practical application

Topics: Iron, Zinc, Bronze Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: December 9, 2013
HPC Cone crusher for sale is widely used in metal mining, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, construction industry , cement industry and gravel industries. Suitable for medium crushing hardness of f = 5-16 Platts various mines and rocks, such as iron ore , nonferrous metal ore , granite, limestone , quartzite , sandstone , pebbles and so on. The following is a cone crusher parts replacement methods:    1 when the cone crusher ore must be assigned to work in the middle of the disk , in order to prevent crusher overload, make liner wear unevenly ; allow direct ore into the ore crushing cavity proper conditions are: ore distribution plate . uniformly dispersed in the crushing cavity , can not give into the higher levels of ore rolling acetabular wall.    2 The maximum size of the ore HPC cone crusher ≤ 85% to the mine mouth size , otherwise it will lead to lower production crusher , cone crusher damage certain components.    3 Do not load starting crusher to avoid accidents.

   4 When parking , you must first stop feeder and let the ore has been crushed into the crushing chamber after discharge , so that the crusher parking.Work pressure and hydraulic station 5 . Crusher work should always check the locking system , identify problems and timely treatment .   6 Replace the rolling acetabular wall , rolling acetabular wall has a U-shaped spiral rock breaking machine manufacturer nail on the adjustment ring , injected between zinc alloy, making it closely, when a new installation or replacement of rolling acetabular wall , in after 6-8 hours , you should check its fastening and tighten the U -shaped bolt again.    7 replace cone crusher wall , HPC cone crusher wall is fixed to the body with a tapered cone head , between the two zinc alloy casting , after a new installation or a new replacement cone crusher wall 6-8 hours should check the fastening , found loose to tighten immediately....
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