Hammer crusher has a simple structure

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Hammer crusher is the commonly used crushing machine in mining industry. As a matter of fact, the abrasion condition of this machine is series. After years research, Henan Hongxing has summarized the common reasons for the abrasion problems of hammer crusher. Abrasion phenomenon is the ordinary problems to the crushing equipment. Then we will introduce some measures to reduce the abrasion rate of hammer crusher during work process. With the continuous technology innovation and product upgrading, the crushing technology in domestic crusher market is more and more matured. To better adapt to the development of crushing machine, Henan Hongxing has realized the structure and performance optimization of crushing equipment to meet the market demand. After years efforts, we have researched the new kind of impact crusher that can be used in the mine, construction, water conservancy, chemical industry, coal and other fields. At past, the stationary crushing and screening equipment is the main equipment in the mining processing fields. Along with the perfection of national policy and the improvement of enterprise scale and comprehensive strength, there are more and more application of large scaled mining equipment. Because of the transitions flexible and low running cost, mobile crushing and screening equipment has received the high praise from the mining customers. This equipment has a good performance in the mine, construction, coal industry and so on.

1. During the work process of hammer crusher, the shaft neck on the both side of main shaft is easy to wear and tear. Then we can add two protective sleeves on the both sides of main shaft to protect the shaft neck.

2. The abrasion condition between the side dish of hammer frame and the space of chassis plates is more series. Then we can weld the wear-resisting layer to reduce the abrasion condition.

3. When the hammer crusher is work, we should evenly add the raw materials. According to the right adding material...
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