Condition Based Maintenance vs Phase Based Maintenance

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Condition Based Maintenance vs. Phase Based Maintenance
Activity 9.1 – Research Paper
MBAA 520 Organizational Behavior Theory, Applications in Aviation

There is an increasing desire for the implementation of condition based maintenance programs to replace the traditional hour based maintenance on Military rotor wing aircraft. There are several advantages and disadvantages to this type of maintenance. The purpose of this paper is to discuss both and the affect that they play in regards to the organizational behavior of a business. There are distinct advantages in regards to cost when we talk about condition based maintenance. Replacing a part only when it is likely to fail saves the cost of replacement at a possible earlier time like in a phase based program, or catching a part that might have failed prior to the required hour inspection or replacement time. But this new technology comes with a cost. A cost, not only monetary, but also within the organizational behavior of a corporation or organization such as the military. When we talk about Managing change and stress, we have to talk about the external forces of change effecting these technological advancements. The technology of condition based maintenance is justified through the savings it generates through the maintenance program but what cost will it have on the people working on these aircraft? Will there be a reduction in jobs? This concern can start trouble, rumors, and decreased production from employees that normally work hard. What effect will it have on the organizational design? Will there be an increase or decrease in managerial roles? Will there be an increased perception of reliability or confidence of the aircraft from the crews that are responsible to fly them on missions? These are all questions that the answers directly affect the organizational behavior of an organization. BODY

Phase Maintenance inspections are currently what’s being used to determine if components need to be replaced. There are several hour required inspections for the UH-60 Blackhawk. First is a PMD or “Preventative Maintenance Daily”, these checks take place at the end of the day after the helicopter is done flying or every seven days if the helicopter hasn’t been flying. Second is the PMS or “Preventative maintenance services” are required to be done every 40 flight hours, consuming about 15 to 20 man hours and can be accomplished in one day with two maintainers. Third is the120 flight hour inspection which takes two to three days and checks for critical vibrations of the engine high speed shafts, tail rotor and cooling fan. Lastly is the PMI or Phase Maintenance Inspection which is accomplished every 360 flight hours. There are also smaller inspections like gearbox oil samples taken on an hour requirement to determine the health of the gearboxes, 30 day engine wash to minimize coking and maintain engine performance, 90 day corrosion check. Nearly all components are replaced when they are found to show signs of wear, fatigue, or cracks indicating impending failure of the component. These are usually detected by maintenance personnel during scheduled inspections or found when the helicopter does not perform correctly. Other components are replaced based on a manufacturer’s predicted failure time, or Time Between Overhaul (TBO). As you can see the traditional Phase maintenance program is extremely in-depth and costly for the continued operation of advanced aircraft such as the UH-60 Blackhawk. With all this required maintenance are the maintenance crews and supervisors that are required to ensure proper implementation of the Phase maintenance program along with quality control to ensure that the work is being completed correctly. There are two significant draw backs with this maintenance system. One is that TBO’s are projected failure times established by engineers based on science but not perfect. An example of this happened several years ago at my...
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