Concession at Glastonbury Festival

Topics: Glastonbury Festival, Solar power, Michael Eavis Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Glastonbury festival Of Contemporary Performing Art is one of the most known music festivals in the world. The festival it self takes part in worthy farm which is a dairy farm during the year; is in the region of Somerset which is situated in southwest England. The festival from 1981 has been organised by the local farmer and site owner Michael Eavis (Martin, 2009). Micheal Eavis is also the owner of Glastonbury Festival LTD the company that is in charge of the organization and the distribution of the varies concessions around the event site. (Philip m. , 2013) Since 2002 festival republic which is a company that consist in the merging of (live Nation and MCD) takes care of the managing the logistic, security, and 40% of the concessionary stakes in the festival. (stroke, 2013).

Food and beverage stalls

Concession for the stall and Glastonbury have a very different type of price depending on the size and what the stall his selling. There are two types of stall A typical sells food and beverage and is set at £1000 per day out side the events cite. And 2500£ if is inside the event cite. Also the owner of the stall must comply with the regulations regarding the waste management and water management. A Stand needs to do an investment of £4000 to have is stall with the right regulations. (Bodwin, 2008) But once the stands have given the concession the owner can make a very good amount of money. The concessions for the stand are all the same but generally speaking if your stand is more green, environmental and alternative, the cheaper the rent is going to be in could go down to £500 to non like a stall specialized in dairy farming products. (Murray, 2009) There are about 800 stalls, which they been release the concessions to sell their products during Glastonbury Festival. (Lee, 2010) The bars at Glastonbury Concert is organise by Workers Beer Company which is sponsor by Carlsberg the leasing that hey give to contribute to the festival is around...
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