Week 3 Lemonade Stand

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Lucy’s Luscious Lemonade
Alexandra Rogers
DeVry University
BUSN115 Introduction to Business and Technology
Professor Norman Woodin

Lucy’s Luscious Lemonade stand is a equal opportunity employee business. It is our mission to provide the best quality product on the market, have a safe environment for customers and staff and continuously striving toward a positive work environment. My investor, Donald Rogers has an extensive background in running a business and has a budget I have to meet each week to maintain his investment in my company, I also have to have my employees report to him to make sure I am maintaining a positive and fair work environment. Branding Strategy

The place I am using for my lemonade stand will be located in the Park Meadows mall. It is an extremely busy mall and will receive a lot of customer interaction. As far as pricing goes, employees and their families will receive discounts, as well as the elderly (65 and up) and veterans. I will have an employee standing at all entrances handing out promotion deals for the first month I am open to get our name and product out there. I will also have all employees wearing a shirt that will promote our business. Also an online advertisement through Facebook is another resource I will be using; social networking is an amazing way to reach out to potential clients. Opportunities for new Locations

My business has been extremely successful at the Park Meadows mall. I plan on expanding to the Aurora mall now. It will reach a different “type” of people but with the lower costs it will be beneficial to the consumers that I am trying to reach there. The economy in Aurora is extremely lower than the economy in Lone Tree where the Park Meadows mall is located. I will be able to reach a different variety of people and make my business be well known for an opportunity to expand even more than just the Aurora mall. Promotion Plans

One way I plan of...
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