Conceptual Analysis Essay

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Conceptual Analysis Essay

Conceptual Question: Are Meetings Dates?
Step 1: Model Case
a. Eric (age 27) works at a business firm. He asks one of his female co-worker if she wanted to meet up and go out for dinner afterwards and discuss about business. She accepts and the two go out. Later, besides talking about business the two got to know each other more and things were going really well, so he asked her if she wanted to go out together again. She accepts and said that this is one of the best dates she’s been on. b. The two met up and went out for dinner together, the business meeting turned into a date and he then ask her if she wanted to go another date with him. c. MeetingsDates

Business - Dinner
Friends - Calendar
Gathering - Going out
Step 2: Contrary Case
a. Eric (age 30) is the CEO of a business company. He told his employees that next week they will have a meeting to discuss about an upcoming project, and everyone must attend. b. It states that this is associated with business and no personal dating with this event. Eric called a meeting for all of his employees to attend to discuss about business ideas. c. MeetingsDates

Business - Romantic dates
Catching up- Calendar dates
Employees - Dinner
Jobs - Socializing
Innovating ideas
Step 3: Borderline Case
a. Eric (age 28) and Kim (age 27) have been working together at a business firm for 4 years. They have a big project coming up and they decided to discuss it over dinner together. They went out and had a good time, and they also got some work done too. Afterwards, Kim said that she had a really good time even if it was just for business but if she were to go out again she would be happy too. Although Eric had a good time going out for dinner, he said that they should keep business and personal life separate. Kim understood what Eric was saying and agreed with him. b. Yes, because they went out for dinner together that first started out with business but later on turned into a date setting. No, because even though they both had a good time going out for dinner together, they acknowledge that it cant be anymore because they should keep it professional and keep business and their personal life separate. c. MeetingsDates

Work - Year
Business - Month
Set goals - Day
Discussions - Anniversary’s
Conference- Special occasions
Step 4: Related Concepts
a. Anniversary
b. It is not an example of either of the concepts in the example. When anniversaries of a company occur, for example a 10-year anniversary of the company, people will set up meetings to discuss what they should do for the company to show its appreciation. Anniversaries can also occur for people who are dating because couples will celebrate the day that they became boyfriend and girlfriend or for marriage anniversary’s as well on that one special date. c. Are Anniversary’s Dates?

Model Case:
a. Eric (age 22) and Kim (age 20) have been dating for 4 years now and their anniversary to celebrate them for being together for 5 years is coming up. Eric knew that this was a very important day and decided to take Kim out on a special date to celebrate their 5 years of being together. b. This shows that anniversary’s are dates because Eric is taking Kim out on a date to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. c. MeetingsDates

People together- Special
Certain destination - Making memories
Talking - Gathering
Conversations- Anniversary’s
Contrary Case:
a. A business firm has its upcoming 10 year anniversary coming up to celebrate the company and its employees for 10 years. They decided to have a party to celebrate and they wanted everyone from the company to attend. b. This shows that this is not a date because dates are usually something couples would do just between themselves. This is an anniversary on a special date to celebrate with the whole company to appreciate their 10 years working...
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