Concepts of Equality Diversity and Rights

Topics: Discrimination, Nursing, Human rights Pages: 5 (1290 words) Published: June 20, 2013
(P1)- Explain the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care.
In this essay for P1 I will be explaining the theories of equality, diversity and rights within the health and social care sector. I’ll give examples of the different health sectors and a few examples of what people are discriminated against and how the discriminating practise is valued how it affects the workplace.

Working in health and social care sector it is important that every individual uses these three health sectors equality, diversity and rights. Each person should be able to identify the importance of gender, age, race, sexuality, beliefs, ethnicity, disability, education, sexual orientation, backgrounds, skin colour and language. Another important thing whilst working in health and social care is as a staff member you should be able to recognise people that are mistreated. With these things followed it shows the dedication and awareness to each client and allows them to feel valued and also respected.

This is an important right that are carried out to ensure that every client is treated fairly. It is by law that every organisation within the health and social care sector is used to ensure that every person is treated with this policy by every employee. It reassures the employees to give the same varieties and prospects to each client. In health and social care is made sure that every client receives the highest of quality service.

Every client will have different needs but all clients’ values are respected. Employees should be aware that even though the clients have differences to others they should be treated differently and are cared for health and social care services.

There’s a wide range of rights that are taken into account and also are known as human rights to every individual in society. A few of the rights are: * The right to marry and start a family
* The right to fair trial
* The right not to be punished for something that wasn’t a crime when you did it * The right to life
* The right to freedom from torture and degrading treatment * The right to respect for private and family life
* The right to freedom of expression
* The right to liberty
These are just a few rights that are followed in any health and social care sector.

There are varieties of health and social care settings. The four key types of health care settings are: 1. Residential care
2. Day care
3. Nursing care
4. Home care
Residential care is when a person most likely elderly people would leave their homes to be cared for in a safe and protected environment. Most people that use this care are those who are unable to look after their selves and need a helping hand with some basic routines, it can also be due to their health that they are incapable of living alone. Residential home supplies personal helps and also ensure that those who are on medication take it. If the people living in the residential have families the residential care guarantees those families some visits to see the person. Even though the care setting helps those who are unable to manage on their own, many of staff members will encourage independence for some.

Day care is a type of care mainly used for children on a daily basis to attain when parents are unable to look after them. These people or children still live at home but always have the access of attending day care if necessary. Some people attend day care for social reasons; meet new pupil and develop social and communication skills with others within the day care. If the day care is applied to elderly people the day care will help with bathing them, feeding and other stuff that they are unable to do alone.

Nursing care would provide help to those peoples that require special services from a health care sector. It covers a different range of services, for example someone who’s going hospital to give birth...
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