Health and Social P2 Unit 2 Btec

Topics: Discrimination, Self-esteem, Sociology Pages: 13 (5423 words) Published: January 15, 2013
P2- describe discriminatory practise in health and social care.

In this part of my work I will be talking about the ways which discrimination is within a health and social care setting. I will be describing the following ways which will be culture, disability, age, race, cognitive ability, social class, gender, sexuality, health status, and also the family structure and status. I will try to describe each one and give an example of how it happens within a health and social care situation.

Culture is something which customs arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social groups. People may be discriminated against because of their culture this is because some cultures and religious groups. This may be because of them not learning about other cultures and religions as they were growing up or just for the simple fact of them not wanting to know about a different culture apart from their own. An example of this in a health and social care setting would be if a girl who is a Muslim they may want to wear a hijab whilst at school this then promotes their culture. Their school may discriminate against them by saying that they are not allowed to wear this as they are not in school uniform. Although they are not allowed to promote their culture they may be discriminated against as they may see other children wearing the cross or other cultural pieces of clothing or other items which promotes their culture. This is an example of infringement of rights and also prejudice this is because not allowing the girl to wear the hijab makes them feel as if their rights are not being taken into account and that their culture is not being respected. This may also be prejudice as not many girls wear their hijab within a school and they may feel singled out and out of place as they are unable to wear their traditional cultural clothing this may be because other people may not feel comfortable around girls or women who wear them. P3- The effects of discrimination on the basis of culture.

Potential effects on the service user because of their culture would be disempowerment, restricted opportunities, and also marginalisation and lack of social cohesion. This would be an example of disempowerment as disempowerment is when a person feels powerless in a situation and feels deprived of their own individual opinions, the girl in the example would feel disempowered as she was unable to wear the hijab although that was her own choice and it went with her culture and religion, she would also have no power in which to say that she was able to wear the hijab as the people at the school had the power to say what the students were and weren’t allowed to wear. As she was disempowered this may lead to her feeling that she doesn’t fit in with the school and may feel like an outsider because of this and this may then lead to her being emotionally distressed. I also think that it’s an example of a restricted opportunity as everyone should have their own individual thoughts and be able to do things which occur within their culture, this is a restricted opportunity as they are restricting her from being able to wear her traditional cultures clothing and this is depriving her of her rights to do so to promote her culture. As the girl was unable to promote her culture she may become more determined to do so, so by this she may rebel against the rules and wear it as she doesn’t understand why she’s unable to do so. I think that she may feel marginalised which means a person or group of people feeling that they are not part of society, she may feel marginalised as well as not many other people in her school are of the same culture so they do not have the same problem trying to promote their faith and also being told that she’s unable to do something may then lead her to do it anyway as she may think that its right for her to do so. I also think that it’s a lack of social cohesion as the community within the school are...
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