Concept of Learning

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Cognitive science Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: March 7, 2012
Concept of Learning
The concept of learning is having an understanding of how humans think. Having an understanding of how individuals think and learn, one will have a better understanding of the mental processes of the brain. This paper will review the concept of learning and distinguish between learning and performance. This paper will also compare and contrast the conceptual approaches to the study of learning. Defining the Concept of Learning

The concept of learning can be defined as a change in behavior or knowledge that is due to experience. Learning is relatively a permanent change in behavior and not a temporary changed to behavior due to things like drugs and alcohol which is things unlearned. Learning is divided into two categories: behavioral learning theory and cognitive learning theory. According to Liston Bailey (2009), “Behavioral learning theories suggest that learning results from pleasant or unpleasant experiences in life while cognitive theories of learning suggest that learning is based upon mental processes (para. 1)”. Distinguish between Learning and Performance

Learning and performance are often viewed as being very similar in nature but in most cases can be different in nature. Improved performance usually comes from learning but this is not always the case, there are instances that they can be at odds with each other. According to Sara J. Singer and Amy C. Edmondson (2006), “First, when organizations take on a new learning challenge, performance often suffers in the short term, because new behaviors or practices are not yet highly skilled. Second, by revealing and analyzing their failures and mistakes—a critical aspect of learning—individuals or work groups may appear to be performing less well than they would otherwise (p.1)”. It is important to distinguish between learning and performance because there are different factors that influence them both. Some of the factors that influence learning are the amount of practice and the...
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