Comsumer Behaviour for Purchasing Computer

Topics: Information technology, India, Computer Pages: 46 (10643 words) Published: April 9, 2011
One of the most prosperous industries in today’s time is IT industry. The revenue generated by this industry comes into the top five revenue generating industries in India. Even though, many small companies cannot survive in the IT industry. The main reason for this is the competitiveness of the IT industry. In this situation, the company which cannot know the buying behavior of its customer cannot survive. So the buying behavior of the IT products is important. One of the main objectives of this study is to find out buying behavior of customers for computers.

This study is descriptive type of study. Here questionnaire is used as the data collection tool. The sample size is chosen 100. The survey is conducted in Surat city within the time period of 2 months. Within the time period of 40 – 45 days, the data is collected. After the data collection, the analysis is carried out with the help of the SPSS software. Various analytical tests are carried out with various hypotheses testing method. The results are interpreted in appropriate manner.

The findings of this study are very useful for any company that deals in the computers. The study will help the company to know the exact factors which influence the customers in their purchase of the computers. This study will predict the exact pattern of the buying of the computers which will be helpful to the company. Company can concentrate on the specific areas to attract the customers after studying this research report. Indeed this research is very important for the IT Company dealing in the computers. IT industry is the one of the fast growing industry in the world. In the present market situation IT industry is running very fast. Before history of IT industry let’s understand the meaning of IT. Information technology (IT) is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of information systems". Information technology is a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and/or disseminate information. HISTORY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY:

|Ishikawa is one of Japan's top-class |[pic] | |IT industrial areas. More than 40 | | |years ago, the seeds of an IT industry| | |were planted in the Hokuriku region | | |and the computer industry was born, | | |where they have since prospered. Why | | |did this industry grow, and how did | | |this growth come about and progress? | | |"History of the Rapid Industrial | | |Growth in Ishikawa" explores this | | |history through the footprints of its | | |pioneers and unearths its cultural | | |messages for the next generation in | | |the world. | |


India's IT Services industry was born in Mumbai in 1967 with the establishment of Tata Group in partnership with Burroughs. The first software export zone SEEPZ was set up...
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