Comrades from Cairo - Counter Argument

Topics: Middle East / Pages: 6 (1453 words) / Published: May 10th, 2013
Middle Eastern countries have been increasingly exhibiting greater diversity beginning from year 2011, which is denoted as the year which the Arab spring began. It is a year which witnessed a great deal of uprisings against the long-term rulers and their corrupted regime. Across several Middle Eastern countries, protests were held by various groups against the rulers demanding a new system of governance, a logical institution, equality and the spread of democracy and freedom, two pure shared values across all nations that must prevail in order to ensure that human rights are not going to be effaced. On September the 17th in New York’s Zucotti Park ,‘ The Occupy Movement’ ,one protest group, began protesting by occupying public space stating that it’s their own Occupy Wall Street . They were mainly objecting to America’s financial institutions. An Article was published by then in The Guardian newspaper, a well-known British national newspaper which mainly targets the upper and middle class demographic with the headline of “To the Occupy Movement - the Occupiers of Tahrir Square Are with You”. It was written by ‘Comrades from Cairo’, whom mainly claimed in their article that the Arab spring roots from all the demonstrations happening at the moment. By coming across all points and claims mentioned in the article, I find that the argument of ‘Comrades from Cairo’ is in a weak form as they use unsubstantial support for their claims, logical fallacies and are biased as they deny people’s own voice and experiences.

The ‘Comrades from Cairo’ use unsubstantial support for their own claims. First, they use vague terms which suffers an absence of agreed definition. For instance, they do not precisely define the Arab Spring and for what reasons it initiated when saying “ Arab Spring’s foundation lies in year-long struggles by people and popular movement”. They have not addressed those long-term struggles which are many and varied and have not spoken of any of those popular

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