Visual Rhetorical Analysis

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Visual Rhetorical Analysis
Occupy Wall Street was a protest movement that took place in Zuccotti Park in New York City’s Wall Street financial district. “we are the 99%” was their slogan, they believed that the wealthy few should no longer decide the future of the country as a hole. One of their believes was that every person should be involved in the decision making and for this reason the movement never achieved the necessary organization to establish a good list of demands. Every person affiliated with the movement had different believes and aspirations for the result of the protest. Two weeks passed by until the movement really picked up, that was, until abuse and mass arrests from the New York Police Department attracted media attention. Liberal groups, students, unions, and organizations all over the country began to join the Occupy movement making it a Nation Wide protest. “Occupy Photo 1” is a picture of an older woman holding a sigh that states “No more corruption, get corporate money out of law making” a mid-twenties Caucasian male with a sign that reads “I can’t afford a lobbyist I am the 99%” and another mid-twenties Caucasian male on his cellphone. This particular picture is targeted toward the people in the rest of the country that believe that the Occupy Wall Street movement is mainly composed of hippies and people that do not wish to work to make a living. The picture utilizes the appearance of each of the individuals chosen for the picture as well as the chosen back round to appeal to the audience. On occupy Photo 1 the older woman is holding a sign that reads “No more corruption, get corporate money out of law making” she has a firm pose with her feet close together and straight posture and casual attire with gold loop earrings. Her posture is strong and determined showing how serious and passionate she is about her believes and support toward the movement. In addition her middle-class appearance makes viewers from the same social class...
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