Computer Literacy

Topics: Education, Computer, School Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: December 16, 2005
English II
31 October 2005
Research Paper
Computers as a Part of Primary Education
Today's society is becoming more and more dependent
on electronic devices. The skill needed by normal everyday people has changed over the years. The population needs to become more computer smart if it is to stay abreast with technology. Computers in the classroom are a great way to motivate, teach, and learn for not only the student, but for the teacher. Some states have adopted set computer knowledge and use standards, or goals, for the students attending primary schools in its districts. Computer skills should be a fundamental part of primary education curricula. According to Kathleen Cotton of the NW Regional Educational Laboratory, in 1990 American schools have acquired over two million computers bringing the amount of schools owning computers from 25% to nearly 100% (Cotton). This only makes sense, with the shift of everyday business. Computer skills are becoming more and more prevalent in every thing we do today: checking out at Walmart's automated check out, filling up at the gas pump, or paying for a hamburger at McDonalds are only a few. Students need to learn computer skills at a younger age to stay abreast with technology. According to The International Society for Technology in Education, National Technology Standards Project, about half of the states in America have adopted set standards for computer skills. Prior to completion of Grade two students will be able to use the mouse, keyboard, printer, correct terminology, correct behaviors and correct technology resources for problem solving skills (International). Upon the completion of grade five, students should be able to expand on their learning from the previous grades and be able to communicate online. Grade eight brings about advanced computer skills, with, developing WEB pages and identifying outdated equipment and programs. Upon the completion of high school, students should have a broad knowledge of...
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