Computer-Based Training: Article Questions

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Computer-Based Training Article Questions
Jaime C. Orona
University of Phoenix
Information technology in Retail
Anu Rangarajan
Jun 21, 2010

Computer-Based Training Article Questions
What Challenges would Poppler’s face when adopting a CBT program? How would those challenges impact the store? The challenges that Poppler may face are any of any company. The first challenge would be the cost to implement the CBT in each facility of Mr. Poppler’s. Since the retail store is a small chain the cost would factor into the type of CBT that Mr. Poppler may need for the company. Mr. Poppler must realize that the com-any may be able to use a CBT but at a cost that is affordable for the retail store and his employees. The second challenge will be getting the training to all of the forty employees. Since he has a multiple of store the CBT training would be needed at all stores so that the stores have connecting information on all items that are sold in both stores. Mr. Poppler’s challenge would be trying to get all the employees in a training area and on that would allow all of the employees to train at the same time. If Mr. Poppler cannot have the training done at one time he will face the challenge of multiple trainings that would cost the company time and money. This would impact the store by having an additional cost of getting employees to train and as well as getting extra employees to take the place of the employees to work at the time the other employees are training. The biggest challenge would be cost efficiency in getting the programs installed and having the time and money to train all employees on the new system. What limits are there on use of the CBT in retail management? Are there any retail skills that cannot be taught using a CBT?

The limitations of a CBT can vary by the type of employees that are being trained on the computer –based training. The limitations can vary from the...
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