Computer Aided Instruction

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Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) is a diverse and rapidly expanding spectrum of computer technologies that assist the teaching and learning process. This type of system is perfect for the needs of children. The proponents aimed for the implementation of the said system to a school under the Preparatory level, Merry Treasure School. Obsolete teaching methods often cause redundant work both for the teachers and students which may leads to lack of alert and focus. With enough preparation for the system development and knowledge about the target users, the proponents have successfully proposed the project. The goal of the project is within reach with the use of software such as Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2010, Microsoft Access, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. By the continuous integration of innovative audio and visual aids in their lessons, the children of the school will be exposed to new and more exciting ways of learning.


Innovations of computer have done great changes of all areas of life since it has contributed a lot of help on everyday living. With this innovation we are able to manifest its purpose and use for our own good.

These changes made seem to be impossible to stop. New and better generations are fit to catch up and live along great innovation of technology. This is also a major factor why we are able to discover things from basic to advanced one. It was really true that change is the only permanent things in the world.

In every corner of the world, technology seems to be on trend. Through, it has its own disadvantages, its good side has bought big changes that help us improve and progress.

Nowadays, manual process of teaching and learning is not much interesting for youth, especially for Pre-school levels.. They are not much paying focus in studying because of lack of attention and eagerness to learn. This Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) System is intended to assist subject instructors to deliver lesson in an easier and more effective way.

Mathematics is the abstract study of topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, and change.

This Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) System is mainly developed for Preparatory Level. This is a computerized medium to help subject teachers, specifically Basic Mathematics for Pre-School.

This system features simplified lessons, tutorial, topic exercise, games, such as crossword, and fill in the blanks, and evaluation in every end of the chapter. This system intends to minimize students’ boredom in studying and to gain more interest for students to learn.

1.1Statement of the Problem
1.1.1 General Problem
How to create, develop, and implement a Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) System in Basic Mathematics for Preparatory at Merry Treasure School? oMerry Treasure School uses manual teaching methods for their students. The teachers’ way of presenting lessons easily bores students and affects their willingness to learn. Also, preparing lessons can be time-consuming sometimes, and not all students can easily catch up with the teacher.

1.1.2 Specific Problems
How to create a module that will help the teachers conduct their lessons based on the book? oDuring classes, the teacher will write the lessons in the blackboard and explains it to them. Sometimes, students aren’t listening to the teacher, due to lack of interest in the lesson, or in the way of presenting them. Books can be boring due to some students due to lack of vibrant colors.

How will the system provide exercises to evaluate learning? oThe teacher prepares exercises manually; sometimes, children don’t understand detailed instructions, and usually ends up having low grades.

How to create a module that will maintain the integrity of data? oThis module is for user recognition and security of the system.

1.2Current State of the Technology

In Merry Treasure School in Pre-school Students, the lessons...
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