New Technological Ideas

Topics: Technology, Innovation, History of technology Pages: 5 (1847 words) Published: June 2, 2005
currently we are faced with a period of time that heavily revolves around technology. Now we live in a society that is very over dependent and relies heavily on technology to complete its tasks. Since technology has come into our lives we feel that now we could never live without it. This shows the high degree of expectations and faith in technology that is apparent everywhere around us. Technology was once considered a luxury, now it is a necessity. There are two methods of coping with technological change: accept it and implement it or oppose it and try to stop its progress.

There are many positive reasons why our society should accept and implement technology. Technology has advanced our societies health care with the discovery of new treatments to certain diseases (Daniels 2002). This improvements seen in Chemotherapy which acts as treatment for cancer. Not only is the medical world improving through technology the communication systems world wide are upgrading. Important information can be sent around the world by a press of a button. The Internet has totally revolutionized the modern world. With the invention of the Internet we are internationally connected to people all over the world.

More importantly we should take into consideration the negative effects that technology can have. These negatives give us reasons why we should oppose this abundance of technological change. It introduces a change that temporarily disables a society. Technological determinism is a theory that suggests that change is not necessarily initiated by the individual, but by technology (Bain 2002, 122). Technology has greatly effected and altered our society. There are many negative aspects of technology such as over dependence, discrimination towards older generations and the exploitation of privacy.

Over dependence on technology is detrimental to society and contributes to the negative aspect of technology. Furthermore we are doomed to be dependent on technology as long as that technology is allowed to shape our world. It seems that since the spawning of technology more and more fundamental values and ethics are being blurred and lost. It seems that the since the dawn of the Internet people have been use to instant gratification. People are now impatient with the speed of Internet, when years ago we were happy just to use it ( Bain 2002, 115). Today, there are a wide variety of Internet sources because there is such a high demand for it. Society relies very heavily on machines, that when they do not do what we want them to do we experience intense anxiety ( Bell 2003). Although technology is suppose to make the way of life easier, many times it just makes it more difficult. Transportation has vastly changed due to technology and when someone's care does not start or it stalls, it causes chaos. Obviously, there are many other options than just driving, but people are so dependent on their own vehicle that when it doesn't work they feel as though walking isn't an alternative anymore.

Technology has caused society's youth to become overwhelmed with all the available technologies (Gogven 2001). Now, children are beginning to own cell phones at very young ages, which poses the question why do they feel the need for one. Technology is overpowering and has the ability to control. Today's youth are depending more and more on new video games to be invented so they will have something to do in the summer. Many children isolate themselves for hours on end playing computer and video games, which leads them to be very inactive, unhealthy and antisocial (Burke 2002). Compared to even just ten years ago it is unbelievable how much more technology exists in children's lives today. Summers in 1990's for a typical child would consist of running through sprinklers, bike riding or playing hide and go seek with other children in the neighborhood. Technology has caused laziness in all generations because people overuse it for unnecessary things...
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