Compulsory Education

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Compulsory Education
There are many forms of research for compulsory education. When I started to dig for Information, I was quite amazed in how far back it actually goes. It may have been a little different then, but the concept behind it were and still are the same. With that, you will see multiple questions that need to be answered. What function does compulsory education serve in the United States, what are the advantages and disadvantages to compulsory education, and how can we make school better for today's young learners?

Compulsory education is the attendance required by all students. In reading, michaeladuffy’s research, I understand what he is trying to say in more clarity. How does it affect our children? He states, “As I continue to ask questions about why we have CE in the United States the answer most often I receive is that it increases literacy.” He brings us back by saying, “I am often told of the condition of the youth in the eighteenth century where children ran rampant in the streets and committed all sorts of crimes and vandalism.” Is it at this time we started to think about the youth’s education? During those times of hardship they still managed to keep a literacy rate of ninety percent. Through hard work and learning, at the same time, they managed to raise the rate to ninety-eight percent by 1852. By upping the literacy rate, in the United States, we see a great improvement in our children. “In fact the high literacy rate one hundred years before compulsory education was primarily due to the focus of Bible reading that spread throughout Europe and the new world. Perhaps it was a Biblical interest that accounted for black literacy in the south which was around eighty percent before CE came into effect” (Zhang 29).

Michaeladuffy also points out that there are troubling times in our schools to the extent of dropouts and absenteeism. By reading his one paragraph on, “why children would miss...

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