Comprehensive Security Plan

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Comprehensive Security Plan





Comprehensive Security Plan
This is a comprehensive security plan for a night club environment. This plan will cover all the areas that might pose as a threat, or a danger. This plan will have the following elements, the floor plan of the target environment, a list of threats, a risk assessment for each threat, and current vulnerability gaps. This plan will be written in such a way that, it will be able to be used in a vast array of nightclubs across the country.

Nightclub Security Plan

The objective of most nightclubs, bars, and taverns is to provide a welcoming environment, where customer’s can have a safe and enjoyable time, often by playing games and, or dancing, while purchasing and consuming the establishment's most popular product, alcohol. It is the alcohol, which tends to help remove commonsense in many people, which is the frequent cause of problems for the establishment operators. The result of customers that over drink, can lead to law suits against the nightclubs. Another result of customers over drinking can lead to excessive or inappropriate force used by staff or security personnel against unruly customers.Owner’s and management decide which type of customers the club will attract, based on the location of the club, the ambiance, and the type music the club provides. Advertisement, and or promotions can play a big role in the type of customer that the club attracts. Low priced, or two for one drinks, and or an extra long happy hour also set a tone and draws in certain types of customers. Management can, at any time, change that tone, by altering the music, adding or changing the amount of a cover charge at the door, enforcing a more strict dress code, changing the ambiance, increasing security, posting signs of video surveillance, or taking other measures appropriate to that environment.

One in-house security person for each 50 patrons is recommended to be on duty. All security personnel shall be attired in a manner to readily identify them as such. From the time the shift starts the security personnel should be highly visible to the customers. At closing time, one-half of all security personnel shall be stationed outside the premises to assist and encourage customers to leave promptly, and safely. The other half of the security personnel shall remain inside to insure that all customers are leaving the building in a safe and cordial manner. Security staff shall patrol both the women's and men's bathroom facilities non a rotation, and regular basis. Handheld counters shall be used by the greeter at the entrance at all times when open. The counts of entrants shall be keep in a log on an hourly basis. This log will be kept on file for future need. The clubs first line of defense is the door personnel. The doorperson is stationed at the entry door. The doorperson is a security person whom checks IDs to make sure that people entering the establishment are of the legal drinking age. The door person is also in charge of denying entry to any customer that is obviously intoxicated, or who are known to have a history for being a ongoing problem, or been expelled by management. A good door person is fair, has good judgment, good communication skills, and a sense of humor, all are important qualities to look for in hiring the door person. The door person is responsible for making sure that every customer that enters the establishment has had there ID scanned and picture taken by the ID Detect machine. The ID Detect computer will store all of the customers information and picture, the ID detect can help provide valued information in any cases brought against the establishment. The backup door person will frisk, or pat down customers before they enter the establishment. This will ensure that no weapons or alcohol are being allowed on the premises. A metal detector will be provided, and is recommended, along with...

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